Jiang Fan, The Party Secretary, Chairman of Beijing Energy Group Visited PandaGreen to Advise the Management of the Company

On 5th March, Jiang Fan, The Party Secretary, Chairman of Beijing Energy Group, accompanied by the senior management of Beijing Energy Group, visited the Beijing office of PandaGreen to advise the management of the company.

Zhang Ping, the chairman as well as the CEO of Panda Green, reported the current situation of the company in perspective of company management, safety production, corporate governance, etc. The senior management team provided advice and suggestions in the urgent issues as well as strategic planning of the company.

Kan Xing proposed 4 suggestions in terms of revitalizing the management of the company. Firstly, the company should further relieve its burden with the support of Beijing Energy Group; secondly, the company should improve the quality of its management to reduce the influence of coronavirus; thirdly, the company should push ahead the delicate management structure of Beijing Energy Group I order to reduce the cost of company management; finally, the company should enhance the management of market value.

Jiang Fan pointed out 3 aspects in which Panda Green should accelerate its development. Firstly, the company should solve the historical issues with the agreement of shareholders; secondly, the company should merge into the umbrella of Beijing Energy Group in terms of management structure; thirdly, the company should make strategic planning for the sake of a long-lasting development.

As Beijing Energy group’s first branch company gained by mergers and acquisition, PandaGreen should accelerates its reformation and improvement, keeping the marketization mechanism and as well as the overseas capitalism mechanism, as the role model of the composite-ownership reformation of the group.

Zhang Xueliang, the general manager assistant, the board secretary and the office chief of Beijing Energy Group; Sui Xiaofeng, the director of strategic development department; Zhu Jun, the Executive Director of the PandaGreen, and Huang Hui, the Chief Financial Officer also attended the meeting.