Panda Green Energy Group and Powerchina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Corporation Carried Out Cooperation and Communication

On July 15th, Zhang Ping, chairman and CEO of the group's board of directors, went to Powerchina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. to conduct business cooperation and communicaiton with Jiangxi Electric Power Construction’s Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Zou Shengping, and Party Committee Deputy Secretary and General Manager Xiang Xiaobin.

Zou Shengping welcomed Zhang Ping and his entourage. The two parties conducted in-depth communication on the company's development strategy, historical cooperation and future prospects, and also discussed in detail the project cooperation model and opportunities.

Zou Shengping said that Jiangxi Electric Power Construction has received strong support from Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd. in the process of business model innovation and transformation, and the two parties have established a mutual trust, friendly and win-win cooperative relationship. Jiangxi Electric Power Construction has innovatively formed an industrial model that integrates planning, consulting, business model customization, EPC management and control, high-quality operation and maintenance, and full life-cycle integrated service, and is moving towards specialization, and internationalization. Panda Green is highly compatible with the development concept of Jiangxi Electric Power Construction and shares broad prospects for cooperation.

Zhang Ping said that Panda Green, as a pilot of Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd.’s mixed ownership reform, has multiple genes of state-owned enterprises, marketization and internationalization, and is in a period of rapid development. Jiangxi Electric Power Construction is committed to the concept of science and technology and business model innovation. It has a broad cooperation foundation with Panda Green in the field of clean energy development. It proposes to establish a normalized contact mechanism, expand the depth and breadth of project cooperation, and sort out the potential project list. Both parties will promote implementation step by step and form a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship with a global perspective and layout, laying the foundation for both parties to achieve common and rapid development.

           Jia Geng, Assistant Chairman of the Board of Panda Green, Zhao Li, Investment Director, Jin Xin, Executive Director, and Yu Feng, Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Power Construction attended the meeting.