The World's First Energy Blockchain Community Application Public Projects Launched

Shekou Energy Blockchain Cooperation Signing Ceremony

(, Shenzhen, February 28, reporter Du Yanfei) Before the opening of "two sessions", Shekou-Shenzhen, the beginning of China's reform and opening up, stood up at another milestone of history. On February 28, the Energy Blockchain Cooperation Signing Ceremony was held in Shekou, Shenzhen, co-sponsored by the China Merchants Charitable Foundation, TUV Nord, the New Energy Exchange, Panda Green Energy Group Limited and Huawei Technologies. This is also the world's first community public welfare project that applies blockchain technology.

By applying the blockchain technology in the field of new energy, the project responds to the call of "promoting the green technological innovation system and promoting the revolution of energy production and consumption" proposed in the report of the 19th National Congress. At the same time, with 40 years of accumulation, Shekou, which dares to break through, to be a doer and pioneer, has once again stands in the forefront through advanced technology. Starting from the energy blockchain project, the future global energy connecting and sharing is gradually laid out, and the “Belt and Road” initiative based on green energy just sets out.

Mr.Hu Zheng, Director of China Merchants Group and Executive Vice Chairman of China Merchants Charitable Foundation is Giving Speech

At the Ceremony, Mr.Hu Zheng, Director of China Merchants Group and Executive Vice Chairman of China Merchants Charitable Foundation, explained the concept of public welfare for the project. He said, "Public projects are not simply given and endowment, but also need a global perspective and to combine with social transformation demand and technological innovation. Shekou Energy Blockchain is a public action that in the face of the global energy transformation and climate challenges, we and our partners take use of the blockchain technology to bring more social public participation into the actual climate change action. "

In terms of project design, Panda Green Energy will place daily clean electricity generated by the distributed power plants located in Shekou NH E-Cool into the energy Internet platform, and Huawei will provide technical support for power plant data access. In the early stage of promotion, the first batch of selected volunteer users from Shekou district will be involved in the virtual trading of clean power. Users can choose to use clean energy or traditional energy directly on the platform. When users select clean energy, block chain technology will generate smart contracts, which directly pair point-to-point virtual transactions between power plants and users, while TUV will issue authoritative electronic certificates for users to prove that they are using clean energy electricity.

Focused on the power generating terminals and the power using terminals, the energy blockchain gives full play to the traceability and decentralization of the blockchain technology, and provides point-to-point clean energy for the community. This supply-side innovation makes quicker and easier access to dealing with climate change action - "Lift a finger to become a clean energy user." At the same time, these environmental friendly electricity user habits can be recorded and witnessed, encouraging more people together to join the action to deal with climate change. 

Ms. Agi Veres, the Country Director of the United Nations Development Programme in China, affirmed the project's significance in dealing with global climate change. She said, "The use of innovative technologies for the popularization of clean energy is an important impetus to achieve the UN's goal of sustainable development. We need to constantly explore the most effective and innovative solutions to the developing climate challenges. The Shekou Energy Blockchain project is a pioneering attempt and we look forward to more new technologies applications in the future to promote a global green and sustainable future."

A small step of Shekou district will surely make a big difference in promoting new energy blockchain. With the goal of getting affordable and clean energy for all, we will unite more power from the field of environmental protection, technology and capital to explore clean energy promotion and popularization, provide a pilot for the ambitious plan of global energy sharing and ultimately achieve the beautiful future of "green mountains and rivers" for all mankind.