BJ ENERGY INTL Held Talks with China Datang Overseas Investment

On October 31, 2023, Wu Chaoke, vice president of Beijing Energy International, met Jia Bingjun, director of the International Department of China Datang Corporation, party secretary, chairman and general manager of China Datang Overseas Investment Co., Ltd. in Beijing. The two sides exchanged on in-depth cooperation in the field of new energy at home and abroad. Ma Hongchang, director of the Market Development Department of China Datang Overseas Investment; Guo Liang, general manager of the Overseas Business Department, Liu Zheng, general manager of Beijing Energy International’s Vietnam Company and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the two sides introduced their respective development ideas, industrial layout and future planning, and agreed that the two companies have made solid efforts in their respective fields, and both have achieved remarkable results and established a sound reputation. There is a wide space for cooperation between the two sides. Going forward, the two sides will further strengthen the long-term communication mechanism, fully leverage their respective advantages, expand cooperation in the development and construction of new energy projects at home and abroad for common development.