Finance Innovation

2013 is seen as a “ground zero” year for Chinese internet financing with unprecedented development. As an emerging financing channel, internet financing is primarily used for financing, payment and information intermediates, through the internet and mobile technologies. It is also a new supplement to support traditional financial industry with its’ unique advantages. Meanwhile, it could reduce information processing cost, build up direct trading channel between supply and demand, and improve the efficiency of social resources allocation. Furthermore, internet financing has been a new channel for enterprises to finance.

Solar farm industry, with its’ substantial investment demand in the construction phrase, has been seeking more efficient financing channels, including internet financing. With predictable return and stable cash flow, investment in solar farm has a relatively low risk. While the deployment of internet financing has expanded a new tool for solar farm’s asset securitization and improved the allocation of social resources with stable return to investors, directly supporting economic development and reducing transaction costs.

With regards to the advantages, by combining private wealth management with public utilities, United PV tries to help people realize the dream to become angel investors under the leadership of the celebrities. Therefore, the company’s will committee to issue internet financing programs for solar farms serve to spread the idea of environmental sustainability and let public partake in building our green home.

The internet financing programs can decentralize project risks and reduce investment barriers. The program will enable to make the first move in reducing carbon emission and saving our planet.