Panda Green Holds Safety Production Work Conference for the First Half of 2020

On July 29, Panda Green Energy Group's " Safety Production Work Conference for the First Half of 2020" was successfully held at the Shanxi Datong Panda Power Station. Over 40 people, including the company’s Board of Directors and CEO Zhang Ping, joint Executive President Zhu Jun, Chief Operating Officer Li Guangqiang, Human Resources Director Bai Guangmin, Safety Production Director Zhou Guo, Administrative Director Jin Xin, and heads of regional companies, attended the meeting.

Conference summarized and reviewed the work safety in the first half of this year, sorted out existing problems and countermeasures, and arranged and deployed the work in the second half of the year.

Zhu Jun, the company's Co-executive President, put forward specific work safety requirements in the second half of the year. Zhu Jun pointed out that we must reflect on experience and lessons through this discussion, identify problems and shortcomings, and plan for future development directions and ideas. He hopes that everyone will make good use of this meeting's precious opportunity to communicate and learn from each other thoroughly. Following the requirements of Beijing Energy Holding Group of " refine the headquarters, implement the region, and optimize the power station ", let each region become the engine of company development, and let each power station become a benchmark for the industry.

Zhang Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the company, affirmed the positive results achieved in the work safety in the first half of the year and expressed gratitude to the frontline employees for their hard work. Zhang Ping said that the safety and stability of the power station work and excellent economic benefits are the foundation for the company’s existence and rapid development. He hopes that colleagues in the production frontline can continue to overcome difficulties, strive for excellence, innovate to create benefits, and contribute to its business development.

Zhang Ping put forward six work requirements. First, make good use of this conference, carefully discuss and analyze the problems we faced in safety and production, pinpoint weak points, improve basic management, improve the quality of operation and maintenance, and achieve solid results. The second is to focus on cultivating management awareness, focus on multi-dimensional benchmarking, and implement cost-reduction and efficiency-increasing measures to promote the management of power stations. The third is to enhance the sense of urgency for development, take the initiative to gather the wisdom and strength of the employees, reserve more and better project resources, and strive for more development opportunities in the region. The fourth is to fully integrate into the overall development of the company and be confident in further development, actively come up with suggestions for development, and creat a new situation for the company's career development. The fifth is to promote the realization of the reform and innovation of the incentive mechanism, management mechanism, and work philosophy, forming distinctive features, and condensing new driving force and new vitality for the company's development. The sixth is to form a "fair, just, transparent, open, and inclusive" corporate culture, strengthen the sense of belonging of employees, and organically integrate strategic development, operation management, organizational construction and corporate culture.

During the conference, the company’s management team also held discussions with the heads of each region on how to "refine the headquarters, implement the region, and optimize the power station", and discuss the new changes and the next-step development of the company since Beijing Energy Holding Group’s strategic shareholding in the company. They exchanged words and commended the outstanding teams and individuals who achieved excellent results in the " Beijing Energy Cup" safety knowledge competition.