Panda Green’s Chairman and CEO Zhang Ping and his entourage investigated the Inner Mongolia branch

On September 3, 2020, Zhang Ping, Chairman and CEO of Panda Green, led a team to investigate the Inner Mongolia branch and the Chayou Phase I and Phase II power station. Chief Operating Officer Li Guangqiang, Production Director Zhou Guo, and Administrative Director Jin Xin accompanied the investigation.

Zhang Ping and his entourage learned about the employees' work and life and organized an employee symposium. At the meeting, the employees expressed their confidence in the company's future development and put forward suggestions on the existing problems in the current stage of work. Zhang Ping patiently listened to the employees and encouraged everyone to strengthen their learning, broaden their horizons, improve self-management capabilities, and build the Inner Mongolia branch as a "benchmark" for Panda Green Energy.

Zhang Ping affirmed the achievements of the Inner Mongolia branch at this stage and put forward six requirements for the next step: First, the branch and the power stations under its jurisdiction should not only strengthen safe production, but also establish a sense of management and leverage existing resources to improve efficiency. Second, shorten the gap of production, operation, and management indicators between the station and current benchmark, build another benchmark power station and enhance the region's overall indicators. Third, develop an open and transparent incentive mechanism that matches the performance appraisal to create a fair competition environment. Fourth, improve profits by refined management, and adapt management methods to local conditions. Fifth, dare to try technological transformation and innovation and seek truth from facts. Sixth, expand project opportunities, and develop high-quality projects to improve overall project quality.

        Finally, Zhang Ping called on all branch employees to work together to achieve the company's grand goal of high-quality development.