Beijing Energy International Held a Business Meeting with Bank of China Investment Management and China Merchants Securities

On June 1, 2021, Vice Presidents Liu Dongsheng and Huang Hui of Beijing Energy International Holdings Co., Ltd. met with General Manager and Deputy Chairman Liu Jian of Bank of China Investment Management, and Investment Banking Committee member, director and General Manager Li Shuoyi of China Merchants Securities at the Beijing headquarters. The meeting was also attended by staff of AVIC Fund, China Merchants Securities, and Financial Director Wang Yang of Beijing Energy International.

At the meeting, all sides conducted in-depth exchanges on business development directions, field expertise, and relevant business landscape in the new energy infrastructure sector, and conducted in-depth explorations of future development of new energy industry, cooperation space in the financial sector, and popular financial products such as public REITS. Liu Jian and Li Shuoyi said that the first batch of publicly offered REITS in China was successfully issued, which were actively subscribed by public investors, and many institutional investors conducted offline subscriptions. It resulted in a very low confirmation rate of subscription applications at the time of the issuance, which also reflects the overall recognition by the financial market of public REITS products. As a high-quality company in the new energy industry, it is time for Beijing Energy International to use many of its low-carbon and environmentally friendly photovoltaic power plant assets to participate in the next batch of green public REITS.

Liu Dongsheng and Huang Hui introduced the operating performance, financial indicators, project assets, development plans and goals, and institutional advantages to the other two participating institutions. Liu Dongsheng said that the two institutions have very strong expertise in the financial market and the issuance of new REITS products, and the public REITS products are also particularly competitive for enterprises. When investing and developing new energy, Beijing Energy International will take into full account the feasibility of public REITS products financing, striving for a win-win cooperation among the three sides to launch China’s first new energy public REITS product.