Meet the Annual Goal: Beijing Energy International Held the 2021 Meeting of Economic Activity Analysis and Mid-year Work

On July 21, 2021, the 2021 Meeting of Economic Activity Analysis and Mid-year Work of Beijing Energy International Holdings Co., Ltd. was held in Hohhot. With a problem-oriented approach, the meeting summarized and reviewed the achievements and experience of work in the first half of the year, identified problems and shortcomings in production, operation, and development, analyzed and judged the weak links in the current situation and sustainable development, and deployed the key tasks in the second half of the year and beyond. The meeting further unified ideas and built consensus that efforts should be made to complete all tasks and objectives of the whole year by the end of 2021 and accelerate the strategic transformation of the company.

Zhang Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors, made an important speech Maintaining Strategic Focus, Taking the Initiative, Conducting Innovation, and Shouldering Responsibilities, to Meet the Company’s Yearly Goal. President Zhu Jun delivered a work report Continue to Work Hard, Stay Motivated, Seek Innovated Development, and Improve Quality and Efficiency, Ensuring the Completion of the Company’s Annual Operation and Management Goals.