Zhu Jun, President of Beijing Energy International Visited Fang Qing, General Manager of Daqing Oilfield of CNPC

On August 25, 2021, Zhu Jun, President of Beijing Energy International Holdings Co., Ltd., Li Hualin, Deputy General Manager of PowerChina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., and Ren Fengnian, Vice President of China Overseas Holdings Group, went to Daqing to visit Fang Qing, General Manager of Daqing Oilfield of CNPC. The parties exchanged views on business cooperation in new energy, integrated energy, energy conservation and emission reduction. The meeting was also attended by Zhao Xuefeng, chief technologist of Daqing Oilfield, Yu Runtao, General Manager of CNPC Electric Power Co., Ltd., and Jia Geng, Vice President of Beijing Energy International.

At the meeting, Fang Qing extended a warm welcome to Zhu Jun and his colleagues, and introduced the development history, industrial landscape, status of electric power business development, and new energy business development of Daqing Oilfield. He said that Daqing Oilfield is willing to conduct in-depth cooperation with the consortium consist of Beijing Energy International, Jiangxi Electric Power Construction, and China Overseas Holdings Group. By giving full play to their respective strengths in resources and technology, they can conduct in-depth research on the sustained development of various areas of the oilfield, formulate and implement comprehensive energy solutions that can satisfy users’ actual needs, and further promote carbon emissions reduction in the oilfield.

Zhu Jun said that the trilateral consortium has a high level of complementarity and synergy in market development, investment management, technology application, and mechanism innovation. During the period full of opportunities towards the country’s goal of peaking carbon emission and reaching carbon neutrality, the three parties will be committed to the rapid and high-quality development of the clean energy industry, which has a huge potential for future development. He expressed his hope that the consortium’s corporate and synergy advantages will be leveraged to carry out all-round cooperation with Daqing Oilfield in wind power, photovoltaic power generation and other new energy and integrated energy areas, so as to create a new situation for the development of Daqing Oilfield’s new energy business and contribute to the realization of the local goal of peaking carbon emission and reaching carbon neutrality at an early date.