Beijing Energy International and Xundian County of Yunnan Province Signed A Framework Agreement on Clean Energy Investment and Development Cooperation

On November 16, 2021, Beijing Energy International signed a clean energy investment and development cooperation framework agreement with the government of Xundian County, Yunnan Province.

Beijing Energy International will participate in the investigation, planning and declaration of clean energy projects such as wind power, photovoltaic and hydrogen energy in Xundian County, and plan and invest in distributed and centralized new energy projects, comprehensive energy services and energy storage projects, with a planned investment of no less than 5 billion yuan. It will also engage in bringing players of the industrial chains to build factories in the county as well as planning and construction of smart energy and smart cities in the County and build the county into a demonstration one in terms of rooftop distributed energy development, boost its economic development, and contribute to the early attainment of the dual carbon goal in Yunnan Province.