Zhu Jun, President of Beijing Energy International, Supervised Yunnan Preparation Office of Southwest Branch Company

On December 3, 2021, Zhu Jun, President of Beijing Energy International went to the Yunnan Preparatory Office of Southwest Branch for supervision, and Lei Muchuan, General Manager of Southwest Branch and relevant personnel of Yunnan Preparatory Office attended the meeting.


The branch company reported its key work area. All participants had in-depth discussions on the project development, team building, and the work measures of the Preparatory Office.


Zhu Jun affirmed their recent work achievements and put forward seven requirements for the next stage:

1. further tap the Yunnan market, establish and improve the management system, clarify the management process, and make scientific decisions to ensure the steady and efficient development of Yunnan market; 2. it is necessary to strengthen exchanges and communication with local design institutes to obtain more market information in time; 3. continue to increase the development of regional scenic projects in Yunnan, and promote the landing of the projects as soon as possible; 4. pay special attention to projects such as pumped storage, energy storage and incremental distribution network. 5. the project to be landed should be well prepared for construction management to ensure its economic return to withstand evaluation; 6. speed up the introduction of talent, continuously optimize the team structure and strengthen team building; 7. ensure proper and effective allocation and management of personnel.