Zhu Jun, President of Beijing Energy International, Visited Zhang Yuying, President of ENN Energy Holdings

On December 17, 2021, Zhu Jun, President of Beijing Energy International visited Zhang Yuying, President of ENN Energy Holdings in Langfang, and the two sides had an in-depth exchange on cooperation in integrated energy sector. Liu Jianfeng, Chief Financial Officer of ENN Energy Holdings, Zhang Kaiyi, Convener of Universal Energy Delivery Empowerment Group, Xiao Hongwei, Convener of Clients’ Energy Empowerment Group, Dong Hongbo, General Manager of ENN Liaoning Branch, Zhao Li, Director of Investment of Beijing Energy International, Li Xijun, General Manager of Comprehensive Smart Energy Company and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Zhang Yuying welcomed the visit of Zhu Jun and his delegation, and introduced the development and future planning of ENN Energy Holdings. He said that ENN was transitioning towards an integrated energy service provider by relying on independent innovation of universal energy technology, focusing on parks, cities in developed coastal provinces, industrial enterprises and large public buildings, prioritizing customer needs, and providing integrated energy solutions with clean energy priority, multi-energy complementarity, efficient energy utilization and collaborative sharing of facilities. The company is ready to foster a strategic partnership with Beijing Energy International, explore modern energy system, accelerate digital transformation and upgrading, and strive for mutual benefit and win-win.

Zhu Jun introduced the current development and future plan of Beijing Energy International. He said that the company, as a pilot SOE for mixed-ownership reform, was amid high-quality and rapid development. He said that the innovation and development concepts of the two sides were aligned and hoped the two could leverage their respective strengths in resource, expertise and market, and jointly conduct comprehensive cooperation in large-scale terrestrial photovoltaic, wind power, regional energy supply, gas cogeneration, county-wide distributed photovoltaic projects, gas source security, carbon neutrality, hydrogen, wind-solar-storage integration business and other renewable clean energy. He expressed that the two sides should join hands to actively implement new development concepts, promote green and clean development of energy industry, and contribute to national goals of energy conservation and emissions reduction to attain the dual carbon goal.