The Integrated Energy Project of Cloud Data Center of BJ ENERGY INTL Achieved a Breakthrough

Recently, Beijing Energy International and Beijing Zhong Ke Tong Zhou (Ya ‘an) Technology Co., Ltd.(ZKTZ) signed an investment agreement for integrated energy project of 5G cloud base. According to the agreement, Beijing Energy International will be responsible for the investment, construction, management and operation of “China Cloud (Ya ‘an) 5G Cloud Base Integrated Energy Project” to provide integrated energy services of cooling, heating and green electricity for the base.

This project is the first integrated energy supply project of Beijing Energy International, which represents a critical step in innovation and development of integrated energy. BIM technology is adopted to effectively manage the design, construction and cost of the project in the whole process. With cutting-edge technologies in high-efficiency water cooling unit, water storage and air cooling as the core, green and zero-carbon energy modalities such as roof-top photovoltaic and air energy are notably integrated to create an “high-efficiency refrigeration chamber” with annual cooling COP greater than 5.0. The scale of energy supply of the project stands at about 80,000 square meters, with planned investment around 100 million yuan, estimated annual cooling capacity of 282.702 million kWh, annual heat supply of 166,700 kWh, and annual green electricity supply of 889,000 kWh.

After the completion of the project, it will promote the clean energy resource planning of China Cloud (Ya ‘an) 5G Cloud Base, catalyze the user side, boost renewable energy supply, energy-saving services as well as a green and low-carbon clean energy ecosystem, and enable the region to attain the dual carbon goal.

The ZKTZ (Ya ‘an) Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Datang Zhihua (Shenzhen) Technology Development Co., Ltd., carries out the construction and operation of China’s cloud base projects in many places across the country. At present, it has robustly deployed 5G industrial applications in multiple fields to build a mobile internet plus internet of things(IOT) traffic portal. Building on this project, cooperation between the two parties can be extended to follow-up data center bases such as China Cloud (Chengdu, Qingdao, Xi ‘an and Langfang).