Liu Dongsheng, Vice President of BJ ENERGY INTL, Carried out Research on Green New Infrastructure Project of Hainan Expressway

On February 11, 2022, Liu Dongsheng, Vice President of Beijing Energy International carried out research on the green new infrastructure projects along the expressways in Hainan Province. Talks were held with the Planning Office and Highway Office of Hainan Provincial Communications Department, Hainan Transportation Investment Holding Co., Ltd. and Hainan Traffic Control Service Area Investment Co., Ltd.

The local authorities and companies welcomed Liu Dongsheng and his delegation and introduced the construction progress and overall planning of supporting facilities such as expressways and service areas in the Province and analyzed the current configuration and future construction plan of new infrastructure facilities for optical storage and charging along expressways.

Liu Dongsheng introduced the current business and development plan of Beijing Energy International, as well as the strategic layout and achievements in integrated energy and put forward the idea of building high-speed green charging network and zero-carbon service area, and further developing photovoltaic projects by using roadside belts.

The two sides made full exchanges around the plans and expressed the willingness to cooperate. Going forward, the two sides will fully leverage their respective advantages and jointly promote the green new infrastructure project.

Zhao Li, Investment Director of Beijing Energy International, and colleagues from the Comprehensive Energy Company participated in the tour.