BJ ENERGY INTL and Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Met with CSSC

On June 22, 2022, Zhang Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Energy International, Zou Shengping, Party Secretary and Chairman of PowerChina Jiangxi Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd, together with their delegations met with Wang Manchang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CSSC HZ Wind Power Co., Ltd., and the three parties had a discussion on the in-depth cooperation of wind power projects. Chen Dechun, VP of CSSC, Zhang Li, General Manager of CSSC Sales Company, Yang Ming, Executive Deputy General Manager, Zhang Xiaolin, Assistant General Manager of CSSC Sales Company, and Yang Yulin, General Manager of the Western Sub-branch of CSSC Sales Company; Jia Geng and Wu Chaoke, Vice Presidents of Beijing Energy International, and Li Jian, head of the Preparatory Group of Hainan Investment Platform; Xiong Jianming, Assistant General Manager of Jiangxi Electric Power Construction, Kuang Xiaolong, Secretary of the Board of Directors and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

      Prior to the meeting, Zhang Ping, Zou Shengping and their delegations visited the exhibition hall of CSSC, and learned about its strategic plan, development history, company honors and scientific and technological research and development achievements.

      During the meeting, Wang Manchang extended a warm welcome to Zhang Ping and Zou Shengping and their delegations and introduced the basic profile of CSSC. He said that CSSC adheres to the development idea of “innovation-driven, synchronized development of onshore and offshore business, and focused on the offshore”, and speeds up the building of “the leading domestic and world-class wind power equipment and new energy system integration service provider”. He spotlighted that Beijing Energy International enjoys a good reputation and remarkable performance in new energy, and both sides are highly aligned on cooperation and development in the early stage. He stressed that Jiangxi Electric Power Construction has actively participated in the national low-carbon transformation, and continuously explored a new path of green development. The three parties share the same development concept in new energy and have a broad space for cooperation. It is hoped that they will give full play to their respective advantages in technology, resources and talent, innovate and develop for mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly promote the development of wind power industry.
      Zou Shengping said that Jiangxi Electric Power Construction and Beijing Energy International enjoy a solid foundation for cooperation and promising prospects. As the front-runner of offshore wind turbine technology, CSSC has robust development potential. It is hoped that the three sides can join hands for deeper cooperation and common development.
      Zhang Ping introduced the business layout, project expansion and future development plan of Beijing Energy International. He said that the company has deeply cultivated the ecological system of clean energy industry, maximized its own institutional and institutional strengths, and continuously improved project development. As he mentioned, CSSC is the main force of new energy industry under the background of the national dual carbon target, and it has full-process service capabilities such as the R&D of wind power product, intelligent manufacturing of the whole machine, engineering and technical services, wind farm contracting, and smart wind farm operation. He said that Jiangxi Electric Power Construction, as a close strategic partner of Beijing Energy International, has witnessed the bilateral cooperation to fruition. It is hoped that the three sides will strengthen exchanges, establish a good and lasting strategic relationship, achieve in-depth cooperation in wind power, especially offshore wind power projects, complement each other’s advantages, boost innovations and deepen the transformation of national energy structure.