BJ ENERGY INTL Had Business Exchanges with Sungrow Power Supply Corporation

On August 31, 2022, Zhang Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Energy International met with Zhang Xucheng, President of Sungrow Power Supply Corporation in Beijing. The two sides had a discussion on in-depth cooperation in clean energy. Sun Wei, Vice President of Sungrow, Wang Yu, Deputy Director of Investment and Financing Center, Jia Geng, Vice President of Beijing Energy International, Zhao Li, Investment Director, Zhang Pengyuan, General Manager of Southwest Branch, and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the two sides agreed that they have always maintained close contact and mutual trust, and shared information and delivered mutual benefit and win-win results in the past cooperation. It is hoped that both sides will continue to capitalize on their respective advantages, innovate cooperation modalities, continue in-depth cooperation in clean energy, establish a long-term friendly strategic partnership, accelerate the implementation of existing cooperation projects, go hand in hand for common development and contribute to the national green and low-carbon transformation.