The First Session of the First Staff Meeting of BJ ENERGY INTL/2023 Annual Work Conference Was Successfully Held

Comprehensively Promote Sustained and Rapid Development and Open A New Chapter for the Company

—The First Session of the First Staff Meeting of BJ ENERGY INTL/2023 Annual Work Conference Was Successfully Held

On February 13, 2023, the First Session of the First Staff Meeting of Beijing Energy International/2023 Annual Work Conference was successfully held in Beijing. Jiang Fan, party secretary and chairman of Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd., attended the meeting and delivered important remarks.

The meeting comprehensively reviewed the work achievements in 2022 and the successful experience of the company’s development in the past three years, set the objectives for 2023, deployed the key tasks in 2023 and beyond, continued to accomplish the remaining half tasks of the “14th Five-Year Plan” with high quality and high speed, in order to build itself into a first-class international clean energy provider, green investor and operator.

Zhu Jun, president of Beijing Energy International, made a report on management entitled “Tackling Difficulties, Making Breakthroughs and Striving to Make Beijing Energy International A First-Class International Clean Energy Provider, Green Investor and Operator”.

In the report, Zhu Jun pointed out that in 2022, guided by the “14th Five-Year Plan” for development, the company took “in-depth reform, innovative development, lean management and improved quality and efficiency” as the main guideline, overcame all kinds of difficulties and obstacles internally and externally, forged ahead in delivering practical results in management improvement, continuously optimized its industrial layout, strengthened core competitiveness of its main business, improved capital operation, and enhanced cost-effectiveness and operating efficiency.

Zhu Jun emphasized on the following key tasks in 2023:

First, strengthen independent development and optimize the layout of business development; Second, strengthen the management of engineering construction and build high-quality engineering projects; Third, innovate the ways of financing, and reduce the asset-liability ratio through multiple channels; Fourth, strengthen management and improve benchmarking, and constantly improve the cost-effectiveness; Fifth, strengthen safety production management and build a safe production defense line; Sixth, strengthen the management of ownership rights of assets and improve the quality of assets; Seventh, further deepen the reform and innovation and inject vitality into the development; Eighth, continue to carry out management improvement and comprehensively consolidate the foundation of management.

Zhang Ping, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Energy International, made an important speech entitled “Overcoming Difficulties and Opening A New Chapter in Comprehensively Promoting The Company’s Sustained and Rapid Development through Vigorous and Determined Endeavor”.

Zhang Ping pointed out that 2022 was a year full of challenges. In the face of enormous challenges, each and every employee of the company was fully committed to the aspiration of the company with concrete actions. Everyone worked tirelessly despite the pandemic and bravely overcame difficulties in power generation projects. The company made great advances in innovation and development, reached the annual objectives and witnessed multiple milestones in several key tasks.

Zhang Ping pointed out that in the past three years, the company has grown by seizing the great opportunities of the era of clean and low-carbon development. Its business landscape has gradually expanded from photovoltaic power to clean energy, such as wind power and hydropower, as well as hydrogen energy, energy storage and integrated energy. Its independent development capability has improved, breakthroughs have been made in energy base projects, and domestic and foreign projects are increasing, forming a development pattern of “One Center, Two Loop lines and One Focus”, and its operational installed capacity has increased by more than two times. The management capacity and the ability to improve quality and efficiency has steadily improved, the financing innovation achievements have been remarkable, the total profit has reached record highs, and the company brand has grown stronger, all of which showed the creativity and its impact in the industry.

Zhang Ping emphasized that 2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress, a crucial year to implement the 14th Five-Year Plan, and a breakthrough year for the company to overcome difficulties and open a new chapter for its development. He said that we should not be slack in our efforts in the next three years. Only by courageously riding the wind and cleaving the waves can we demonstrate our value and avail ourselves of the great times. Only by proactively transform and respond can we constantly create broader space for development; Only by rising to the occasion can we create a bright future for the company. We must continue to strengthen our will, focus on our goals, translate our promises into reality with concrete actions, and comprehensively promote the sustained and rapid development to create a new chapter.

Around the company’s “14th Five-Year Plan” and the key tasks in 2023, Zhang Ping put forward five requirements:

First, adhere to high-quality and efficient development, accomplish independent development and engineering construction with high quality, and accelerate the improvement of the size and quality of asset. Focus on the North-South “Two Loop Lines” to enhance independent development, focus on the green transformation of the capital city of Beijing, focus on the overseas markets of Australia and the Vietnam to achieve in-depth development, focus on engineering construction to ensure that projects are put into production on schedule, focus on industrial synergy to develop innovative development model, focus on sharing energy storage layout to increase profitability, focus on the earlier deployment of hydrogen storage and green ammonia production with wind and solar energy.

Second, adhere to the strategic transformation and development, take multiple measures to improve the company’s fundamentals and effectively enhance its market value. Accelerate the construction of the company’s credit rating system, accelerate the improvement of its asset securitization level, accelerate the improvement of spot trading ability of electricity, and expedite the layout of strategic emerging business.

Third, adhere to the optimization of top-level design, dynamically adjust the company’s management mode, and unleash the advantages of market-oriented system and mechanism. Optimize and adjust the company’s organizational structure to meet the development needs, clarify the positioning of its branch companies and subsidiaries to release development vitality, strengthen compliance awareness to achieve comprehensive risk management, and accelerate digital transformation.

Fourth, unite people with advanced corporate culture, strengthen the construction and publicity of corporate culture, and jointly build a big family within the company. Strengthen the publicity of corporate culture, the construction of cultural environment, the cultivation of talent team and the construction of market-oriented salary system.

Fifth, adhere to the leadership of party-building in an innovative manner, incorporate party’s leadership in governance, and build a party-building model with its own feature. Increase the political awareness and strengthen the leadership of the party; Improve work standards and enhance the political and organizational functions of party organizations; Improve innovation ability and promote the deep integration of party-building and business development; Improve the quality and efficiency of supervision, and constantly strengthen the awareness of integrity, self-discipline and rule consciousness.

Jiang Fan, party secretary and chairman of Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd., delivered an important speech.

Jiang Fan pointed out that since Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd., has held the shares of Beijing Energy International, the management team led by chairman Zhang Ping has been making great strides in innovation and mission fulfillment. Beijing Energy International stands in solidarity, perseveres in making progress, addresses problems left over from history and focuses on its development. The company has enjoyed a rapid development momentum and risen to the occasion and created remarkable achievements. As the vanguard of Beijing Energy Holding’s market-oriented reform, Beijing Energy International has created a range of commendable breakthroughs and highlights.

Jiang Fan expressed the hope that the company continued to stick to its market-oriented system, broaden its horizons with innovative ideas, boldly make exploration and innovation, courageously accelerate the development of renewable energy and expand clean supply, so as to achieve a new breakthrough in the market-oriented mechanism as well as high-quality development, and become the beacon for the pilot reform of state-owned enterprise of Beijing Energy Holding.

Focusing on the key work and future development of Beijing Energy International in 2023, Jiang Fan emphasized:

Firstly, we must strengthen our confidence and continue to promote the high-quality and rapid development. Accurately understand the changing situation to identify the right direction, use the advantages to create a winning situation, and continue to work towards the goal of “becoming a first-class international clean energy provider, green investor and operator”.

Secondly, we should blaze new trails and explore reform and development of state-owned enterprise with our own characteristics. To achieve this, we must pay attention to the following:

The first is market development and innovation.

We should continue to mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff, carry forward the spirit of “making every endeavor, overcoming every barrier by all manner of means”, improve decision-making efficiency, leverage the advantages of market-oriented system and mechanism, continuously enhance core competitiveness, innovate market development pathways, focus on the develop modality of integrating new energy, high-end manufacturing, agriculture, culture, tourism and health care”, and pragmatically build a new and replicable business model for market development.

The second is business innovation. It is necessary to seize the future development trend of the industry, explore the transformation of business from the production end to the demand end, focus on the diversification of customers and needs in the future market, accelerate the reform of existing business and innovate new business.

The third is the innovation of operation mode. We should continue to optimize the positioning of the company, study the transformation and upgrading of traditional production and operation modes, exert the efficiency of management teams, develop towards an investment-oriented company, and explore an innovative operation and management mode suitable for the sustainable and high-quality development of the company.

The fourth is risk management and innovation. To continue to innovate and strengthen the construction of risk management and control system, we must not only maintain the efficiency of decision-making and ensure the speed of development, but also unceasingly improve the risk-fending ability and the level of risk management and control, to achieve both standardization and high-efficiency.

The fifth is the innovation of capital operation. It is necessary to focus on equity finance, constantly innovate ways of financing, accelerate the layout of strategic emerging business, explore differentiated development, effectively enhance the company’s market value and the confidence in the capital market, control the asset-liability ratio within a reasonable level, and fundamentally solve the issue of fund guarantee for the company’s high-quality and rapid development. Beijing Energy Holding will fully support the company in this area.

The sixth is the innovation of talented team. We should constantly explore and build a market-oriented system and mechanism to attract high-quality talented professionals, improve the construction of salary and incentive system, foster a merit-based performance appraisal system, and fully stimulate the vitality of development. We should open up career development channels for employees, and Beijing Energy Holding will also provide an open channel of talent exchange for the company and enhance the expectation and space for staff promotion through fair competition.

Thirdly, we must strengthen the party’s leadership to ensure high-quality development. Anchoring in the goal of “maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets, enhancing the core competitiveness and improving the ability and implementation capacity of fulfilling decision-making responsibilities”. We should strengthen the leadership of the party, give play to the exemplary role of party organizations and party members, focus on development, effectively carry out initiatives on party-building and dual carbon to innovate, explore and practice effective paths, and accomplish high-quality production, operation and efficiency under the guidance of party-building.

The meeting discussed the Work Report of the Party Committee of Beijing Energy International in 2022, the Work Report of the Trade Union of Beijing Energy International in 2022 and the Report on the Solicitation of Proposals for the First Session of the First Staff Meeting, deliberated and adopted the Work Report of Beijing Energy International in 2023, and voted to adopt the Brief Work Rules of Special Working Committees of the First Staff Meeting and the List of Special Committees of the First Staff Meeting.

The meeting read out the Decision on Commending Outstanding Units and Individuals in 2022. Zhang Ping presented trophies to the winners of the Company’s 2022 Special Contribution Award and Advanced Management Team Award, and Zhu Jun presented trophies to the winners of the Company’s 2022 Outstanding Elite Award and Star Employee Award.

Zhang Ping and the representative of the party branch secretary signed the “Responsibility Letter for Comprehensively and Strictly Governing the Party (Party-building) in 2023”.

Zhu Jun, signed the 2023 Letter of Responsibility for Management Objectives of Branch Companies and Subsidiaries, the 2023 Letter of Responsibility for Safety and Environmental Protection Objectives and the 2023 Letter of Responsibility for Scientific and Technological Innovation Objectives with the representatives of the high-level management of branch companies and subsidiaries.

A total of 106 people attended the meeting, including members of the company’s management team, directors, general counsel, directors and deputy directors of all departments and offices in the headquarters, vice-chairmen of trade unions, secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee, staff representatives, secretaries of party branches of branch companies and subsidiaries.