BEH Senior Management Supervised Tongliao 238 Project Department of Beijing Energy International

On July 18, 2023, Kan Xing, deputy party secretary of the Party Committee and president of Beijing Energy Holding (BEH), and Sui Xiaofeng, vice president visited and supervised Tongliao 238 Project Department of Beijing Energy International in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia and held a symposium. Su Yongjian, head of the Energy Investment Department of BEH; Zhang Ping, chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Energy International, Zhu Jun, president, and Jin Xin, vice president accompanied the supervisory tour. The head of Tongliao 238 Project Department and relevant personnel attended the meeting.

At the symposium, the Project Department presented on the overview and progress of construction. Participants fully exchanged opinions and suggestions around the key and challenging issues.

Sui Xiaofeng pointed out the necessities: to strengthen the talent pool and provide reliable specialized talent support for engineering construction; to strengthen the quality management of the project and the achievement of the goal of creating excellence, take “winning a national quality engineering award” as the construction goal, and actively promote quality excellence and awards-winning; to pay attention to the key issues of the construction of power transmission channels, and make every pragmatic effort to solve the problems that restrict the progress; to strengthen communication and coordination with relevant government units and actively strive for policy support; to strengthen infrastructure management, stay result-oriented, improve measures, and strive to launch it into operation as scheduled and with high quality.

Kan Xing fully affirmed the achievements made by Beijing Energy International in the past three years. He said that the company has addressed the problems left over from the past and coped with many risk and challenges, stood in solidarity to maintain the hard-working morale and resilient momentum, which resulted in the steady and rapid development and showed strong development potential of the company. As regards the follow-up work of the project, Kan Xing pointed out in several aspects: first, seize opportunities to boost development. Seize the window and critical period of clean energy development, grasp the general trend, strengthen confidence, accelerate the construction of base project, promote the rapid expansion and development of renewable energy of BEH, and help realize the strategic development goals of BEH; second, strengthen management and build high-quality products. Strengthen the basic management ability, implement the Five Fine Management, strictly implement the safety, quality, schedule and cost control, improve the long-term management mechanism, and actively build benchmarking projects; third, play an exemplary role for the team and bolster the faith of team members. Carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit, train employees and cultivate strong teams, and create a group of leading, top-notch talent and innovative teams. Young employees should keep up with the development of the industry, abandon the idea of seeking a comfort zone and being afraid of change, constantly focus on self-improvement and strive to become excellent managers.