BJ ENERGY INTL Got Nod to Issue 5 Billion Yuan Panda Perpetual Bonds

On August 1, 2023, the registered quota of Beijing Energy International’s multi-variety unified registered debt financing instrument (referred to as “DFI” or “panda perpetual bond”) was approved by National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII). The registered amount of DFI this time is 5 billion yuan, and the company plans to complete the issuance of the above-mentioned quota through one registration and installment. Part of the funds raised by panda perpetual bonds will be used to repay domestic interest-bearing debts and will be used as a pilot measure of “RMB Internationalization” to invest in the company’s relevant overseas projects in RMB.

Beijing Energy International made its debut with the approval of panda perpetual bonds in the domestic bond open market, and it is also the first credit financing after the company was assigned ‘AAA’ in the domestic rating category and ESG entity rating ‘2’. The issuance of the bonds will not only further expand the company’s financing channels, but also optimize the its asset-liability structure, thus laying a solid foundation for its future business development.