Crucial Progress Has Been Made in the Construction of Tongliao 238 Wind Power Base Project

The Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holidays coincided with the critical period of the construction of Tongliao 238 wind power base project. Usually during this time, eastern Inner Mongolia was chilly cold, while the construction site of the project was in full swing. All the front-line staff of the project gave up their holidays to fully dedicate to the project. Over 2,000 workers threw themselves into the various construction work in an orderly manner to achieve millstones as per the schedule, contributing significantly to the completion of construction objectives.

Since the start of construction on July 19 this year, Tongliao 238 project team has made its all-out efforts to overcome multiple challenges such as weather and geology, as well as coordination tasks, to enable faster construction and has made crucial progress.

On August 13, with the first mixer truck entering the construction site, the foundation of the first wind turbine of the project was poured within merely 12 hours, which marked the beginning of the construction of the main wind farm project and laid a solid groundwork for on-time production.

On September 20, the hoisting of the first wind turbine of the project was completed. It marks an important milestone in the project construction, realizes the goal of project plan, and ensures the timely delivery and completion of the final grid-connected power generation goal.

Up to now, a total of 133 sets of fan foundations have been poured and 5 sets of fan units have been hoisted, and the electrical circuits have started to be built. As for the booster stations, the leveling construction of three 220kV booster stations and one 500kV gathering station has been completed, and the comprehensive building and warehouse in the living area have all kicked off. The equipment in the production area have been partially purchased, and relevant information is being provided for subsequent design of the foundation drawings. The equipment foundation has been started one after another. Some buildings and equipment foundations are already completed, and the construction is being fastened to attain the goal of finishing civil construction before the freezing winter arrives. 

Beijing Energy International has attached great importance to the construction of Tongliao 2.38 million kilowatts wind power base project, especially when it is entering a critical stage. The company’s senior management have visited the construction site for many times to offer guidance and requested full attention to project quality, safety management, construction safety protection and safety education and training for construction personnel, in order to improve the safety management and ensure production safety and engineering quality.

The project construction focuses on “strategic planning” and “high-quality construction”. As for the next step, the company will make best use of time in accurate planning, tackling key problems, strengthening the implementation of safety and proper production control measures, and pay close attention to issues such as quality management and construction schedule, effectively communicate with contractors, optimize construction plans, and make breakthroughs to ensure the completion of project on schedule.