Tongliao 1 MKW Wind Power Project Saw More Progress

Creating high-quality projects and showing the speed of BJ ENERGY INTL. Since the start of the Tongliao 1 million KW wind power project, the Project Department has overcome difficulties of cold weather and geology, worked hard and coordinated with multiple parties to ensure the smooth construction, and make some remarkable progress.

On November 5, 2023, with the successful completion of the concrete pouring of the last wind turbine foundation, marking the completion of the pouring of all 160 wind turbine foundations of the project after 40 days. The project has a total installed capacity of 1 million KW, a 220-booster station in each of the south and north areas, and a total of 160 wind turbines with a single capacity of 6.25MW will be installed. The amount of foundation concrete pouring totaled 155,602 cubic meters, and the total amount of steel bars was 14,455 tons. In the face of the huge amount of work and the tight schedule, the engineering team overcame the challenges of understaffing, complex geological conditions and harsh construction environment, strictly controlled the quality of the project to ensure construction safety, strengthened process management, and finally achieved “zero defects in quality and zero accidents in safety”.

On the same day, after 47 days, the complex building of 220kV booster station of the project was successfully topped out. It is a three-floor building with a reinforced concrete frame structure, covering an area of 2,878.52 square meters and a ceiling height of 14.25 meters. The successful topping out of the building in the south area marks the phased progress of the booster station project and lays a solid foundation for the subsequent on-grid power generation.

As for the next step, the Project Department will always keep in mind its responsibility and mission, adhere to the principles of scientific management, optimized construction, efficient collaboration, and putting quality and safety first. They will continue to work hard to solve technical problems for the construction progress despite the coldness. For the follow-up turbine hoisting, electrical equipment installation and grid connection coordination, the team will go all out to pursue excellence, and ensure the project construction finished on schedule.