BJ ENERGY INTL Won the Title of “ESG Pioneer Practitioner”

On December 27, Beijing Energy International was invited to attend the “2023 Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Development Forum” sponsored by Securities Daily and was selected as “2023 ESG Excellent Case” by Securities Daily and was awarded the title of “ESG Pioneer Practitioner”. 

The selected case is AVIC Jingneng Photovoltaic REIT Project. This product is the first photovoltaic REITs product in China. The underlying infrastructure assets are the 300MW PV power station in Yulin City of Shaanxi Province, and the 100MW PV power station in Suizhou City of Hubei Province. The REIT product is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

For its underlying assets, Suizhou and Yulin photovoltaic projects actively practice the mission of low-carbon development and environmental protection, explore customized operation plans and technological innovations, and ensure the stable supply of clean energy. Compared with equivalent thermal power generation, the annual power generation of the two projects is equivalent to saving 175,600 tons of standard coal and reducing 479,100 tons of carbon dioxide.

For REIT issuance, the recovered fund issued by REITs is invested in the construction of new photovoltaic power generation assets in the form of capital, forming a virtuous circle of investment, which not only provides a new channel for asset securitization for photovoltaic power generation, but also effectively mobilizes the private sector to participate in the transformation of the energy structure, and promote the earlier realization of the national dual carbon goals.

In the future, Beijing Energy International will continue to improve its ESG management capability, take “higher standards, wider participation and deeper cooperation” as its vision, constantly expand the boundaries of sustainable development, and join hands with all stakeholders to build a beautiful ecological environment.