BJ ENERGY INTL’s First User-side Energy Storage Kicked Off

On January 23, Beijing Energy International’s 13.8MW/27.6MWh user-side energy storage project in Lanjun, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province was smoothly registered. This project is the first of its kind registered by the company in Zhejiang, which has played a good demonstration role for developing user-side energy storage business.

The construction site of the project is located in the factory area of the power consumption enterprises, with a total installed capacity of 13.8MW/27.6MWh. After it is launched into operation, it will operate on a double-charge, double-discharge basis every day. It is estimated that the average annual throughput will be 28.8 million kWh during the operation period.

This project can not only slash the power consumption cost of enterprises, but also realize dynamic capacity expansion and participate in demand side response according to power grid demand. Moving forward, the company will actively explore multiple application scenarios based on the buildups and application of energy storage technology to ensure the safe and smooth operation of regional power grids.