BJ ENERGY INTL Held Talks with Mingyang Smart Energy

On March 22, Zhang Ping, chairman of the Board of Directors, and Zhu Jun, president of Beijing Energy International, met with a delegation from Mingyang Smart Energy Co., Ltd., led by the party secretary and chairman, Zhang Chuanwei, in Beijing. The two sides held discussions on deepening cooperation in the field of clean energy.

Zhang Ping welcomed the visit of Zhang Chuanwei and his delegation and introduced the business development and future plans of Beijing Energy International. He stated that as a pilot enterprise for mixed-ownership reform of state-owned enterprises in Beijing, Beijing Energy International has flexible and efficient mechanisms and strong momentum of development and has formed a development pattern of “dual-circle, one-center and one-focus”. Beijing Energy International and Mingyang Smart Energy share similar development concepts in the field of clean energy, with broad prospects for cooperation. He hoped that the two sides could establish a long-term, comprehensive, and friendly cooperative relationship, and carry out in-depth and all-around cooperation in domestic and international clean energy project development, energy storage, smart energy, hydrogen and ammonia production with green power, etc., to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

Zhang Chuanwei introduced the overall business development of Mingyang Smart Energy. He stated that the company has always been committed to promoting the global energy revolution through clean energy, with business scope covering wind and solar power, marine energy, hydrogen, intelligent electrification, etc. Beijing Energy International has outstanding expertise and remarkable achievements in the field of clean energy. He hoped that the two sides could take this meeting as an opportunity to play to their respective strengths, enhance cooperation levels, expand cooperation space for win-win development, and jointly contribute to the country’s green and low-carbon energy transformation.

Also present at the meeting were Mo Jianping, senior vice president of Mingyang Smart Energy; Geritu, vice president and general manager of the Marketing Management Department; Zhang Gang, chief engineer of the Green Hydrogen-Ammonia-Alcohol Integrated Business Unit; Mao Xiaoming, investment director of the Asset Management Department; and Mu Rui, director of the President’s Office. From Beijing Energy International, Xue Manyu, general manager of the Strategic Investment Department, and Chen Yuxing, deputy general manager of the Strategic Investment Department, attended the meeting.