BJ ENERGY INTL, HBIS Group Xuansteel Company, Sinomach, and the Government of Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province Held Talks and Signed a Cooperation Agreement

On March 26, Liu Guoxi, secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing Energy International, Wang Hongbin, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of HBIS Group Xuansteel Company, and Li Mingqiang, general manager assistant of Sinomach, visited Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. They met with Tang Dianfu, secretary of the Xuanhua District Committee, and Zhang Xin, the district chief, to exchange ideas on deepening cooperation in the field of green energy. They also signed a cooperation agreement.

During the meeting, each party introduced their respective business areas and industrial layouts. They agreed that the Government of Xuanhua District, Beijing Energy International, HBIS Group Xuansteel Company, and Sinomach are highly aligned on the philosophy of green and high-quality development. Each party has unique advantages in their respective fields, providing a solid foundation for comprehensive, multi-level, and wide-ranging cooperation. In the future, all parties will strengthen communication, build consensus, pool their strengths, focus on the development and construction of green energy projects, green hydrogen production, actively expand the depth and breadth of cooperation, and jointly promote the implementation of cooperative projects and supporting industries, making greater contributions to local economic development.

Finally, the four parties signed a cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, each party will fully leverage its respective strengths to carry out comprehensive and pragmatic cooperation in clean energy project development, integrated source-grid-load-storage projects, complementary multi-energy projects, new power system construction, comprehensive energy services, etc., aiming to create a sustainable development strategic partnership.

Gao Wenyang, deputy district chief of Xuanhua District; Zhang Minghai, general manager, and Liu Jin, deputy general manager of HBIS Group Xuansteel Company; Qi Lu, deputy general manager, and Li Ang, development manager of the Market Development Department of Sinomach; Jia Geng and Wu Chaoke, vice presidents of Beijing Energy International, and He Kun, general manager of the Northeast Branch Company, along with other relevant personnel attended the meeting.