BJ ENERGY INTL’s Largest Shared Energy Storage Power Station Successfully Connected to Power Grid

On May 20, Beijing Energy International’s shared energy storage project in Chengshan, Rongcheng City, Weihai, Shandong Province, with a capacity of 200MW/400MWh, was successfully connected to power grid. This project is the company’s first shared energy storage power station in East China and the largest single-unit electrochemical energy storage project in the Jiaodong area.

The project covers a total area of approximately 53 mu (about 3.5 hectares) and includes a 200MW/400MWh lithium iron phosphate battery storage area, a 220kV booster substation, 8.87 kilometers of 220kV overhead transmission lines, and a three-story office and living building. The project adopts an operational mode of “shared leasing + power spot trading + capacity compensation,” managed through an intelligent operation and maintenance platform. It utilizes a smart liquid cooling temperature control system to provide peak shaving and frequency regulation auxiliary services in conjunction with the power grid system, ensuring grid stability with a battery module-level protective fire system. The entire station system employs 1,500V centralized and string-type power conversion system (PCS) and a fully localized energy management system (EMS), empowering the project with advanced technology. 

The successful grid connection of the project marks further expansion of the company’s shared energy storage business and is a solid practice of fully implementing the dual carbon strategy. Once completed, it is expected to achieve an annual peak shaving and consumption of approximately 200 million kWh, save about 64,000 tons of standard coal, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 199,400 tons. This project fully plays the role of energy storage as a “power bank” for peak load shifting and valley filling, providing strong support for optimizing the power system.