Tongliao 1.38 Million KW Wind Power Base Project Successfully Connected to the Grid in the Dalin Area

On June 7, the 220 kV booster station of the Dalin Area in the 1.38 million kW ecological governance wind power base project in Horqin District, Tongliao City successfully achieved power backfeeding in one attempt.

At 23:36 on June 8, as the blades of the first wind turbine at Beijing Energy International’s Dalin Xilin Wind Farm began to turn slowly, it marked the successful grid connection and power generation of the Dalin Area of the 1.38 million kW project.

This project includes the construction of a 220 kV booster station, 57 wind turbines each with a capacity of 6.25 MW, 2 sets of 50 Mvar synchronous condensers, and twelve 35 kV electrical circuits. These lines extend to a 500 kV collection station over a total distance of 108 kilometers via a 220 kV collection circuit. Since the start of the project, the construction team has worked diligently to overcome various challenges such as volatile weather conditions, low winter temperatures, and harsh environments to ensure the smooth implementation of the grid connection.

Once all wind turbines in this area are fully operational, it is expected to generate 1.1 billion kWh of clean electricity annually. This is equivalent to saving 390,000 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 950,000 tons. The project will play a significant role in optimizing the energy industry structure in Tongliao, improving air quality in the eastern Inner Mongolia region, and promoting the green and low-carbon development of the local economy and society.