Grape Solar Complementary Project under Panda Green Energy Received National Certificate

(October 18, 2017, Hong Kong) The global leading eco-development solutions provider - Panda Green Energy Group Limited (00686.HK, "Panda Green Energy") announced that the Company’s grape solar complementary project located in Turpan, Xinjiang has successfully connected to grid and received national certificate.

On August 21, 2016, Panda Green Energy and Turpan government signed an agreement to jointly build 100 thousand Mu (a Chinese unit of area, 1 Mu is approximately equal to 667 m2) grape solar complementary demonstration base, where the 0.2 MW plant connected to grid is the first completion under the agreement. As an important stop along the "Silk Road", Turpan owns China's largest and most prolific vineyard areas, and is the ideal location for the development of solar power plants. Panda Green Energy cooperated with Xinjiang government on the research and development of the project and made an innovative adjustment on Turpan wine grape trellis. The adjusted old-fashioned grape trellis can generate solar power, and control the light receiving area of vineyards under the PV panels by applying appropriate PV panels layout, so as to improve the grape growing environment, and contribute to the vines growth in high temperature season.

In August 2017, Turpan Science and Technology Bureau invited experts to an on-site inspection on grape solar complementary project under Panda Green Energy, and affirmed this innovative reform and gave a positive evaluation: Panda Green Energy fully considered the local conditions and created the new pattern that combines the solar power plant and grape plant industry. This is an unprecedented breakthrough. On 17 October, a large-scale promotion plan was launched for the project.

Panda Green Energy is the navigator in the global new energy industry, and has been applying innovation, sustainability and inclusiveness into its business operations, aimed at promoting integration of the best industrial resources and establishing the industrial modeling benchmark. Panda Green Energy had initiated a lot of crossover collaboration in the industry, including: the Global Smart PV Cloud Management Center in cooperation with Huawei, and the mobile app iNEX that provides power plant updates. The grape solar complementary project built by Panda Green Energy and Xinjiang government successfully obtained national certificate, fully demonstrated the significant and positive effects brought to the entire grape and wine-making industry in Xinjiang. It completely changed the traditional grape plant method that has been used for thousand years, while promoting the economic development in the area, and setting up a new model for national integration and unity development in the Silk Road Economic Zone.