China Merchants New Energy Was Appointed as the Member of the Energy Internet Professional Committee of China Energy Research Society

(Hong Kong, September 30, 2016) In 26th September 2016, the Energy Internet Professional Committee of China Energy Research Society ("Professional Committee") was formally established in China Hall of Science and Technology, Beijing. China Merchants New Energy was invited to the meeting and was appointed as the member of the Professional Committee.

In response of President Xi Jinping’s proposal- "build global energy Internet, promote clean and green way to meet the global electricity demand " on the Development Summit of the 2015 general assembly of united nations, the standing council of China Energy Research Society decided to set up the Professional Committees. Professor Zhou Xiaoxin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the honorary president of China Electric Power Research Institute, would be the member of the Professional Committees. At the inaugural meeting, Professor Zhou Xiaoxin expressed that the "Energy + Internet" would push the establishment of a new generation of energy systems, and deepen the reform of the eclectic power. Many Experts and scholars attended the inaugural meeting, including Shi Yubo, the CPPCC member and vice chairman of China Energy Research Society, and Xu Dingming, the counselor of the State Council and former director of the NDRC National Energy Administration, etc.

As an important role of the Chinese energy transition, China Merchants New Energy devotes to modernize the construction of the energy Internet. They comprehensively applied the Internet, Internet of Things, Big Data and cloud computing technology into the whole management process of solar power plants, and developed Global Smart PV Cloud Management Center in partnership with HUAWEI, which creates an Chinese innovative business model "Internet + New Energy". In addition, China Merchants New Energy announced the first mobile app for instantly monitoring the operation of solar power plant –"iNEX".

In addition, China Merchants New Energy Group's Panda Solar Power Station project will achieve the interconnection among technology, information and reserves through the "Global Smart PV Cloud Management Center” system. The aim is to promote the popularization of the sustainable development concept among the youth group thereby enabling young people to become promoters of green energy and low carbon in the future. Panda Solar Power Station will lead the development of the industry.

In 21st September, Beijing, on the "First China Internet Leader Forum 2016 ", China Merchants New Energy group's Joint Photovoltaic Group Co. Ltd. also won the "Energy Internet Special Contribution Award”, given by China Institute of Energy Economic Research and "China Energy News".