Beijing Energy International and Changshaoying Manchu Township Government Signed A Strategic Investment Agreement for Comprehensive Energy Projects

On December 13, 2021, Beijing Energy International signed a strategic investment agreement for comprehensive energy cooperation projects with the Government of Changshaoying Manchu Township, Huairou District, Beijing.

The Manchu Township has convenient transportation, perfect infrastructure, abundant available rooftops, solar energy, wind, geothermal resources, various water resources and industrial waste heat, complete power grid facilities, considerable power consumption and transmission capacity, outstanding location advantages, and vigorous development of agriculture, industry and commerce, tourism and health.

According to the agreement, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and actively create a cooperative development mechanism, and Beijing Energy International will carry out the investment and operation of distributed photovoltaic, wind power, clean cooling, heating and power supply, renewable energy supply, energy-saving services, agro photovoltaic projects, health care and other projects within its jurisdiction. The projects will use the roofs of government office buildings and other public buildings such as schools, hospitals, village committees, industrial and commercial buildings, roofs of rural residents to install distributed photovoltaic power generation systems. It will build a photovoltaic power generation system on arable land by using agricultural greenhouses.

 According to the analysis of local natural resources endowment, the projects will use clean and renewable energy supply technology, invest in heat pump of air, ground and water source, electricity charging and replacing, hydrogen refueling station, industrial waste heat utilization and other projects. The projects will provide clean power, heating and cooling services to various local industrial parks, public buildings, industrial and commercial enterprises and residential buildings, and build a carbon neutral demonstration park and demonstration area. The estimated construction scale is about 100MW, and the total planned investment is about 500 million yuan.

After the completion of the projects, it will be favorable for the planning of clean energy resources in rural areas, the comprehensive development and utilization of clean energy, the development of renewable energy supply, energy-saving services and other industries, the transformation and upgrading of local energy structure, the rapid development of local economy, and it will help the region to achieve carbon peaking, carbon neutrality and rural revitalization, and contribute to the early attainment of the dual carbon goal in Beijing.