Zhang Ping Met with Ke Yunsong, Member of the Standing Committee of Anshan Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor

On December 20, 2021, Zhang Ping, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Energy International met with Ke Yunsong, member of the Standing Committee of Anshan Municipal Committee and deputy mayor of Liaoning Province in Beijing. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on wind, solar and energy storage integration project and comprehensive energy project. Su Xiaofeng, deputy secretary-general of Anshan Municipal Government, He Yuxue, director of City Investment Promotion Center, Zhang Shouyi, deputy director of Economic Development Zone, Wu Tiancai, director of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Investment Promotion Center; Zhu Jun, president of Beijing International, Jia Geng, vice president, Zhao Li, director of Investment, Li Xijun, general manager of Comprehensive Smart Energy Company, He Kun, general manager of Northeast Branch and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Zhang Ping extended a warm welcome to Ke Yunsong and his delegation and briefed the current development and future plan of Beijing Energy International and Beijing Energy Holding. He said that Anshan has advanced industries, abundant scenic resources and remarkable regional advantages. As a red-chip company listed in Hong Kong, Beijing Energy International is mainly engaged in clean energy investment, construction and operation, and is embracing high-quality and rapid development. Based on the investment in new energy and comprehensive energy in Anshan Economic Development Zone, the company will develop high-quality projects, and continuously expand the investment in clean energy such as photovoltaic, wind power, combined cooling and heating, energy storage and hydrogen production, to achieve win-win cooperation and common development, help the city upgrade its clean energy industry and achieve the dual carbon goal at an early date.

Ke Yunsong said that Anshan was built around its pillar industry of steel, rich in mineral resources and notable advantages in natural resources. At present, it is in the process of urban development and transformation. As a pilot of mixed reform of state-owned enterprises in Beijing, Beijing Energy International has a flexible mechanism and a leading position. Its achievements in the past two years are remarkable, and there is huge potential for cooperation between the two sides in clean energy. It is hoped that Beijing Energy International will speed up the investment and construction of new energy and comprehensive energy projects in Anshan Economic Development Zone and facilitate project implementation. The city welcomes it to give full play to its technological and specialized advantages and continuously increase its investment in clean energy. Both sides hope to strengthen the comprehensive cooperation in various fields such as cultural tourism, health care and so on. The Anshan Municipal Government will do its best to provide services and support to attain the dual carbon goal at an early stage.