Beijing Energy International and Mafang Township Government of Pinggu Signed an Investment Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Comprehensive Energy Projects

On December 15, 2021, Beijing Energy International and the Government of Mafang Township, Pinggu District, Beijing signed a strategic cooperation agreement on comprehensive energy project investment. This is another consensus reached by the company and Mafang Township Government on the basis of the strategic cooperation of comprehensive energy project of Mafang Logistics Base on July 20, 2021.

Mafang Township can offer convenient transportation, perfect infrastructure and abundant rooftops, solar energy and geothermal resources, location advantages, complete power grid facilities, relatively developed industry and commerce, and good power consumption and transmission capacity.

At present, the Research on the Master Plan of Carbon Neutrality of Mafang Logistics Hub Project and the Special Plan of Energy Carbon Neutralization of Mafang Township (2021-2030) have been developed. The signing of this agreement will further deepen the cooperation between the two parties, increase the development of distributed photovoltaic, wind power and comprehensive energy projects and expand the investment and operation of clean cooling and heating power supply, renewable energy supply, energy-saving services and other projects. The estimated construction scale is about 100MW, and the total planned investment is about 500 million yuan.

After the completion of the project, it will further promote clean energy industry in Mafang Township, bolster the transformation and upgrading of local energy structure, turn regional resource advantages into economic advantages, realize the sustainable development of local social economy, help implement the dual carbon goal and rural revitalization strategy, and effectively create a model of cooperation between government and enterprises.