Beijing Energy International Signed a Pairing Cooperation Agreement with Daxingzhuang Township Government

     On December 21, 2021, Beijing Energy International signed a pairing cooperation agreement with the Government of Daxingzhuang Township, Pinggu District, Beijing.

Daxingzhuang Township offers convenient transportation, advanced infrastructure, abundant solar energy, agricultural and tourism resources, well-developed power grid, good power consumption and transmission capacity, outstanding geographical advantages, and vigorous development of agriculture and tourism.

According to the Agreement, Beijing Energy International will deeply develop the new model of integrating agriculture and new energy, participate in the investment, construction and operation of industrial development, promote the large-scale development of industries such as agrophotovoltaic projects, fish and PV farms, cultural tourism and agricultural tourism, and guide village enterprises to deepen cooperation for mutual benefit. The company will play an exemplary role in agricultural innovation, agricultural science and technology, agricultural tourism, build high-tech application scenarios in the Township, and use innovative IT solutions, such as AI, IOT, big data, block chain to boost local economy. It will help build beautiful countryside, prioritize ecological and green development and village-enterprise joint construction, and implement a number of ecological assistance projects to promote rural ecological civilization and economic development. It will jointly promote public welfare assistance and consumer assistance and strengthen cultural and tourism cooperation.

After the completion of the project, it will further promote the planning of clean energy resources in rural areas, comprehensive development and utilization of clean energy, transformation and upgrading of local energy structure, regional agriculture, tourism and other industries, and enable the Pinggu District to achieve dual carbon goal and rural revitalization.