Wang Liuhu, Vice President of Beijing Energy International Visited Erdeni, Deputy Secretary of the Zhengxiangbai Banner Committee and Acting Banner Magistrate

On December 23, 2021, Wang Liuhu, vice president of Beijing Energy International visited Erdeni, deputy secretary of the Zhengxiangbai Banner Committee and Acting Banner Magistrate, Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia, and had in-depth exchanges on promoting the development and construction of the base project “Green Power to Beijing”. Li Donglin, member of the Standing Committee Banner Committee, executive deputy chief of the government, heads of relevant departments of local authorities, Liu Lei, general manager of the North Branch of Beijing Energy International and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Erdeni welcomed the visit of Wang Liuhu and his delegation, and introduced the general situation of the Banner, its new energy development and regional economic cooperation and investment. He said that the development and construction of renewable energy had turbocharged local economic development. He hoped that the 10-kilowatt “Green Power to Beijing” project, major infrastructure projects and investment projects in the whole industrial chain, with the partnership of Beijing Energy International, were conducive to reinforcing local development, and delivering long-term benefits and high-quality development and boosting rural revitalization.

Wang Liuhu introduced the plan and vision of the project “Green Power to Beijing”. He said that this base project was a concrete step to translate the strategic thought of “four revolutions and one cooperation” in energy production and consumption, which echoed the national energy development strategy of “West-to-East Power Transmission”. He hoped that the two sides would take this as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges, give full play to their respective advantages, expand cooperation areas, jointly design the implementation of the project, and promote mutually beneficial, efficient and win-win development of local enterprises.