Building Dreams and Creating the Future Together —— New Year Message from Zhang Ping, Chairman of the BOD, Beijing Energy International

How time flies! On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new year, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings, on behalf of the board of directors and management of the company, to all colleagues, friends and their families who have supported the development of Beijing Energy International. And I wish everyone a happy new year!

Let us cherish the time and make greater achievements

In 2021, Beijing Energy International focused on four main strategic areas, namely, development of the 14th Five-Year Plan, management of production and operation, solving the remaining problems and improving market-oriented mechanism. All employees worked hard to seize the development opportunities of the industry, strengthen market development, speed up the landing of projects, optimize corporate governance structure, organizational structure and professional manager mechanism, raise the awareness of legal compliance management, effectively tackle challenges, and improve business management. All of us have demonstrated perseverance and interpreted our dreams with great efforts and wrapped up the year with remarkable performance.

Guided by “prioritizing main business, expanding across the country and the globe”, we formulated the company’s 14th Five-Year Plan, set the phased target of installed capacity of clean energy projects, explored four major industrial sectors, and made every effort to build a green, multi-functional, smart and synergized clean energy ecosystem and became a brilliant rising star. Everyone dedicated their energy and enthusiasm and worked tirelessly towards the established goals. The high-quality and rapid development momentum of the company became clearer, and ambitious goals became more attainable.

This year, we optimized management structure, improved multi-dimensional layout of headquarters, regions and specialized companies, innovated to establish a “double platform” of management and assets, improved performance appraisal system and morale of our staff members, unleashed vitality of our whole team, and shaped corporate culture featured by integrity, harmony, inclusiveness, unity and optimism. The company has drawn a blueprint for the long journey. Everyone worked hard to rise up to the challenges along the way. Thanks to all staff members, we harvested a lot of fruits.

This year, we focused on main business, continued to scale up domestic business, focus on expansion of domestic business and steadily spread overseas, enrich industrial structure and enable the integrated energy business blossom and bear fruit. With installed capacity standing at 2 million kilowatts at the year beginning to 10 million kilowatts at the year end. With a clear goal and an energetic and promising team, we are determined to set sail for concrete development and concentrate on building the company into a first-class enterprise.

This year, we made many milestone achievements. Thanks to all partners, shareholders and directors, for their substantial support and heartening efforts! Thanks to all the staff of Beijing Energy international. It is our strong will, determination and perseverance that enabled us to tide over any difficulties and hardships, bringing this fruitful and joyful moments for all of us. Once again, great thanks to all the staff members! 

Let us forge ahead to embrace the bright future

The year 2022 is a crucial year for implementing the dual carbon goal as well as the 14th Five-Year Plan! By prioritizing value creation and shareholders’ benefits, the company will continue to seize development opportunities, maintain a high-quality, efficient and rapid development momentum, consolidate and expand the scalable advantages of clean energy, enrich industrial structure, expediate integrated energy, strengthen scientific and technological guidance, transformation and application of sci-tech achievements, deepen reform and innovation, forge ahead and pursue excellence, and make unremitting efforts to build itself into a first-class international clean energy company and green investment operator.

With the new year of 2022, it also comes with new hope and new opportunities, and the new mission will inspire all of us to harvest new fruits. Let’s work together, create more miracles in attaining the dual carbon goal! Let’s go hand in hand, build ambitious dreams and embrace a bright future together!

Let us mount the wind, break the waves, and traverse the vast, rolling sea

I sincerely wish you and your family a prosperous and happy new year!