BJ ENERGY INTL Held Talks with Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Shandong

On February 11, 2023, Jia Geng, vice president of Beijing Energy International met with Li Changping, secretary of Liaocheng Municipal Committee of Shandong Province, and the two sides exchanged on in-depth cooperation in new energy.

During the meeting, Li Changping welcomed Jia Geng and his delegation, and introduced the new energy resources and local development planning in Liaocheng. She said that Liaocheng is rich in new energy resources and is making great efforts to build itself into the new highland in “the rise of western Shandong”, and prioritizes green and low carbon development to build a green city. As a pioneer enterprise of mixed-ownership reform, Beijing Energy International enjoys multiple advantages in industrial strength, talent and technology. It is hoped that the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in new energy project development and high-end equipment manufacturing and accelerate the implementation of cooperation results. Liaocheng will give all-round policy support and service guarantee, complement each other’s advantages for common development, so as to contribute to the green and low-carbon development of the energy sector.

Jia Geng expressed his gratitude to Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their full support and trust and introduced the business development and future planning of the company. According to him, the company has actively responded to the low-carbon, clean energy development strategy and embraced high-quality and rapid development. It attaches great importance to the new energy market in Shandong and will fully capitalize on its own specialized advantages based on local development needs and the characteristics of industrial structure, further increase investment in new energy in Liaocheng, help upgrade the regional new energy industry to deliver both social and economic benefits for the region in a bid to contribute to the early realization of local dual carbon goal.

Liu Wenqiang, member of the Standing Committee of Liaocheng Municipal Committee, deputy secretary and deputy mayor of the Municipal Government, Liu Changsong, member of the Standing Committee and secretary-general of the Municipal Committee, Wang Gang, deputy mayor, Xie Zhichao, party secretary and director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Sheng Qiang, party secretary and director of the Municipal Bureau of Business Investment Promotion, Gao Jia, member and deputy director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission; Xue Manyu, general manager of the North China Branch Company of Beijing Energy International, and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.