BJ ENERGY INTL Held Talks with Harbin Electric Machinery Company

On February 16, 2023, Zhang Ping, chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Energy International, met with Zhang Lianbin, president of Harbin Electric Machinery Company in Beijing. The two sides exchanged on in-depth cooperation in new energy. Huang Hao, vice president of Harbin Electric Machinery Company, Li Chunhui and Zhao Haoyang, general manager and deputy general manager of New Energy Division; vice president Jia Geng and vice president Wang Liuhu of Beijing Energy International, Liu Jiguang, general manager of Business Planning Department, Wang Qi, executive director of Beijing Jingneng International Integrated Smart Energy Company and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the two sides introduced their respective business and industrial layout, and fully exchanged views on wind power equipment manufacturing technology, project development and industrial collaboration. They agree that the development concepts of the two companies are highly aligned. In the future, they will avail themselves of their resources, talented professionals and technologies, continue to explore opportunities of new energy cooperation in Heilongjiang and other places, innovate cooperation modes, deepen cooperation areas, promote the implementation of cooperative projects, and jointly deliver mutual benefit and win-win outcome, so as to contribute to the early realization of the national dual carbon goal.