BJ ENERGY INTL Held a Staff Forum in Its Hong Kong Headquarters: Hand in Hand and Heart to Heart

On March 14, 2023, Zhang Ping, chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing Energy International supervised the Hong Kong headquarters, aiming at strengthening the staff’s confidence, concentrating their efforts on development and further stimulating their enthusiasm in the Hong Kong headquarters and contributing to the long-term development of the company. Vice president Liu Dongsheng, vice president Huang Hui, chief financial officer Wang Yang, and all the staff members of the headquarters attended the forum.

During the meeting, Zhang Ping comprehensively introduced the company’s positive achievements and remarkable changes in investment, construction, operation and management. The employees in Hong Kong introduced themselves one by one and shared their feelings and opinions regarding their own roles and responsibilities, put forward suggestions for the company’s future development and management. The management listened carefully to everyone’s opinions and suggestions and had in-depth exchanges with the employees on the matters of their concern.

Zhang Ping fully affirmed the dedicated spirit of employees in Hong Kong. He pointed out that the company has always cared about the work and life of its staff in Hong Kong, and immediately made this visit to Hong Kong after cross-border travel was resumed. He said that all colleagues in the Hong Kong headquarters are invaluable assets of the company and hoped that they would continue to maintain a rigorous and dedicated craftsman spirit in their future work, firmly establish a sense of ownership by fully mobilizing their enthusiasm and tapping their potential to develop hand in hand with the company. He highlighted that the development fruits of the company will surely bring benefits to every member of the company who has contributed their efforts. He emphasized that the development of the company is closely related to the progress of employees. Only the growth of employees can drive the comprehensive innovation and development of the company, and the healthy development of the company will also provide a high-quality platform for each employee to create value.

Since the merger, the company has made tremendous changes in business development and management enhancement in merely three years. Going forward, it will continue to focus on the “Five Fine Management: Fine, Precise, Excellent, Lean and Exquisite” and fully rely on the solid background of major shareholders to build itself into a first-class international clean energy provider, green investor and operator. In the next step, the company will establish communication channels at home and abroad to provide a mutual-learning platform, build a learning team to cultivate high-quality talented professionals. The company looked forward to all staff’s participation in its reform and development with broader perspective and stronger enthusiasm so as to jointly promote the company’s healthy and high-quality development.

The staff forum achieved good results. The employees were encouraged by the visit and guidance by and exchanges with the management. Everyone agreed that the meeting has brought the management and the staff members closer, enhanced employees’ sense of identity and belonging to the company, further shaped a harmonious organizational atmosphere through face-to-face communication, and strengthened the corporate culture of “fairness, diversity, integrity, innovation, unity and optimism”.