BJ ENERGY INTL Held Talks with Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd.

On November 23, 2023, Jia Geng, vice president of Beijing Energy International, met with Lu Yonghua, chairman of Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. in Beijing, and the two sides exchanged on in-depth cooperation in the field of new energy.

At the meeting, the two sides introduced their respective business development and future plans and agreed that the two companies enjoy leading and specialized advantages in their respective fields and share a good foundation for cooperation. Going forward, they will strengthen exchanges based on previous contact, innovate cooperation models, enhance the depth and breadth of cooperation on new energy, jointly promote high-quality development and win-win results, so as to empower the green and low-carbon transformation and development of the energy sector.

Pei Jun, senior vice president of Jiangsu Linyang Energy and chairman of Linyang New Energy Technology, Shi Weibing, vice president of Jiangsu Linyang Energy and chairman of Hebei Linyang Microgrid New Energy Technology; Xue Manyu, general manager of Beijing Energy International’s North China Branch Company, and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.