BJ ENERGY INTL Held Business Talks with the Bank of East Asia

On 29 November 2023, Huang Hui, vice president and CFO of Beijing Energy International and his entourage met with Kelvin AU Wai-kuen, general manager & head of Wholesale Banking Division, the Bank of East Asia (BEA), to discuss financial business cooperation in the field of clean energy. Li Yanbing, president of BEA Beijing Branch, Wang Yang, CFO of Beijing Energy International, and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the two sides introduced their respective business areas and developments and agreed that there is strong complementarity and broad space for business cooperation between Beijing Energy International and BEA. In the future, the two sides will deepen cooperation on clean energy and cross-border financial business, make full use of their respective endowments to innovate and develop the in-depth and high-level cooperation between enterprise and bank.