BJ ENERGY INTL Completed the Overhead Line Project of the 200MW/400MWh Shared Energy Storage Project in Rongcheng, Shandong

On April 28, Beijing Jingneng International Integrated Smart Energy Company’s overhead line project covering 8.87 kilometers for the 220kV line of 200MW/400MWh shared energy storage project located in Chengshan, Rongcheng, Weihai City, Shandong, was successfully completed, laying a solid foundation for the smooth grid connection of the project.

The 220kV line project for this project is a single-loop, double overhead lines, with 31 newly constructed towers, running from the Yicheng 220kV substation to the 220kV GIS interval of the energy storage station. The line project began excavation in November 2023 and completed tower assembly, wiring, and fastening in April of this year. 

Route of the 220kV overhead line of Yicheng substation

The external line project features a complex route, with multiple crossings, significant construction challenges in winter, and a long operating cycle. Construction involved crossing two 110kV overhead lines, eight 35kV overhead lines, and six 10kV overhead lines, while simultaneously completing overhead line construction for five road crossings. At the peak of operations, six construction teams were deployed simultaneously to ensure the orderly implementation of critical line projects. Throughout the construction period, the Project Department adhered to the concept of “taking immediate action with pragmatism and concentrating on breakthroughs.” The management personnel actively involved in frontline operations, focusing on organizing construction work, overseeing safety, quality, and progress throughout the process. With a problem-solving approach, they overcame difficulties, broke through barriers, and ensured the smooth implementation of the external line project.