BJ ENERGY INTL’s Shangzhi Wind Power Project Initiated the Inaugural Hoisting of Concrete Tower

At 5:58 am on April 30, Beijing Energy International’s Shangzhi Wind Power Project initiated the inaugural hoisting of the concrete tower. This milestone marks a breakthrough in the company’s wind power project with concrete tower. 

The turbines for this project adopt an “upper steel, lower concrete” structure, with each turbine’s concrete tower consisting of a total of 42 sections and a hub height of 160 meters. To ensure the smooth progress of the hoisting work, since the start of construction, the company has organized multiple special meetings involving relevant experts, manufacturers, and participating units, and has visited other companies’ concrete tower hoisting sites to learn from their experiences, continuously optimizing and refining the construction plans. After three months of preliminary planning and preparation, the infrastructure personnel thoroughly reviewed various aspects such as scheme formulation, technical briefings, quality supervision, construction preparation, and safety measures. On March 24, the Engineering Management Department, the Safety Production Department, and external experts of Beijing Energy International conducted a review of the hoisting scheme. On April 29, the infrastructure personnel conducted safety and technical briefings for all parties involved in the tower hoisting to ensure that the hoisting operations met the conditions for commencement. 

The success of this inaugural hoisting task has established a robust groundwork for the project’s high-quality and timely production. All members of the project team will persistently dedicate themselves, fostering the ethos of pursuing excellence, utilizing every moment to its fullest, and propelling the engineering construction forward with unwavering commitment to superior quality, stringent standards, and heightened efficiency. This concerted effort aims to attain the diverse task objectives with an assurance of both quality and quantity.