Successful Completion of Hoisting Operations for 381 Wind Turbines of Tongliao’s 2.38 Million kW Wind Power Project

On April 30 at 8:38 AM, as the impeller of the F5 wind turbine in Aduqin Beiqu were precisely docked with the nacelle at a height of one hundred meters, the hoisting operations of 160 wind turbines for Beijing Energy International’s Tongliao 100 Project, which lasted for 5 months, were successfully completed. This also signifies the completion of the hoisting operations for all 381 wind turbine units of the company’s Tongliao 2.38 million-kilowatt wind power base project.

The Tongliao 2.38 million-kilowatt wind power base project consists of two projects: the 1.38 million-kilowatt ecological governance wind power base project in Horqin District of Tongliao and the 1 million-kilowatt desert control wind power project in Horqin Zuoyi Houqi Banner, Tongliao. Both projects are part of the second batch of large-scale wind power base construction projects in desert, gobi desert, and barren areas designated by the state.

The hoisting of wind turbines for the project started on September 14, 2023, and lasted for 230 days, completing the hoisting of 381 wind turbine units, achieving a new speed in the construction of new energy.

Facing challenges such as high safety risks, frequent road clearance, large equipment footprint, and tight hoisting deadlines during the construction process, the company’s Tongliao 238 Project Department proactively responded by coordinating equipment mobilization, reviewing plans, and conducting safety supervision inspections. Various preparatory work such as rational arrangement of on-site construction procedures, comprehensive implementation of grid management, ensuring specific implementation at the individual level. The team made every effort to overcome construction difficulties and breakthroughs in key areas, overcoming adverse weather conditions such as severe cold and strong winds in winter, and striving to achieve the targets, accumulating good technical and construction experience for subsequent adoption of high-hub, large-blade host machines.

While the journey towards comprehensive final victory remains long and arduous, demanding greater efforts to sustain progress, the Project Department will steadfastly advance various tasks such as wind turbine transformer installation, construction of electrical circuits, and handling of grid connection procedures, prioritizing safety to ensure the timely achievement of the project’s grid connection objectives at full capacity.