BJ ENERGY INTL Held Talks with the Business Delegation Led by Beijing Guoguang Zhijie Data Technology

On May 6, Zhang Ping, chairman of the Board of Beijing Energy International, met with Meng Dongwei, general manager of Beijing Guoguang Zhijie Data Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing. The two sides held discussions on deepening cooperation in the fields of new energy and computing power. 

During the meeting, both parties introduced their respective business areas and industrial layouts. They agreed that both companies are front runners in their respective fields, with significant achievements. They are highly aligned on the development concepts, indicating vast potential for cooperation. Going forward, both parties will continue to explore cooperation opportunities in the fields of new energy and computing power, strengthen exchanges, innovate cooperation models, fully leverage their respective advantages in resources, funds, and technology, and join hands for mutual development.

Participants in the meeting included Zhu Deling, chairman of Qihang Technology; Dang Donghui, CEO of Huazhuo Data; Li Bo, partner of Yuanjian Venture Capital; Wang Aihong, partner of Tsinglen Capital; Yang Songnan, project director of Guoguang Zhijie Data Technology; Liu Dongsheng, vice president of Beijing Energy International; Zhao Li, vice president; and Wang Qi, executive director of Beijing Jingneng International Integrated Smart Energy Company, among others.