BJ ENERGY INTL and MINGYANG Smart Energy Held Talks and Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

On May 7, a delegation led by Zhang Ping, chairman of the Board of Beijing Energy International, met with Zhang Chuanwei, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of MINGYANG Smart Energy, in Zhongshan City, Guangdong, exchanging views on deepening cooperation in the field of new energy.

During the meeting, both parties introduced their respective company developments, business layouts, and future plans. They agreed that the two companies are front runners in their respective fields, complementing each other’s strengths, and possessing vast potential for cooperation. Moving forward, they will seize this opportunity to fully leverage their advantages and focus on the development and construction of new energy, including wind and solar power, energy storage, and hydrogen, initiating multidimensional and pragmatic cooperation to achieve mutual development.

At the end of the meeting, both parties signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. According to the agreement, they will fully leverage their respective advantages and conduct comprehensive strategic cooperation in areas such as domestic and international new energy project development and construction, offshore wind power project expansion, and integrated wind-solar-storage-hydrogen projects, aiming to create a win-win and sustainable long-term strategic partnership.

Attendees included Ge Changxin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice chairman of MINGYANG Smart Energy, Mo Jianping, senior vice president, Zhang Chao, vice president and general manager of the Investment Department, Hu Yanli, vice president and general manager of the Capital Management Center, Geritu, vice president and general manager of the Marketing Management Department, Guo Feng, general manager of the Fourth Strategic Customer Department, Jin Xinlin, general manager in charge of marketing in the southwest region, Wang Zhanju, deputy director (acting) of the Chairman’s Office and general manager of Hainan Company; Jia Geng, vice president of Beijing Energy International, Li Jian, investment director and general manager of the Strategic Investment Department, An Xiaoxuan, director of the Company Office, Wang Ruotao, general manager of the Northern Branch Company, Xue Manyu, general manager of the Southern Branch Company, Zhang Pengyuan, general manager of the Southwest Branch Company, and Wang Qi, executive director of Beijing Jingneng International Integrated Smart Energy Company, among others.