Panda Green Energy was honored with the “Outstanding Contribution on Belt and Road” Award

(Beijing China, 17 August 2017) On August 17, 2017, at “the 7th China Energy Leaders Dialogue” Forum held in Beijing, the world's leading eco-development solutions provider, Panda Green Energy Group Limited (00686.HK, "Panda Green Energy", formerly known as United Photovoltaics Group Limited) won the 2017 China “Outstanding Contribution on Belt and Road” Award, the Award was presented by Ji Xiaonan, Chairman of the board of supervisors for key large state-owned enterprises of the State Council. Alan Li, CEO of Panda Green Energy also won the 2017 China Energy "Leader of the Year".

China Energy Leaders Dialogue Forum is hosted by Xinhua Net and hit its seventh this year. Experts and scholars from government, industry, private sectors and media are invited to discuss the “Belt and Road” and China Energy future development in the Internet era. Through the rigorous review, it is aimed at awarding the outstanding enterprises and individuals that contribute to China's energy industry development. This Award is the society’s recognition on the Panda Power Plant innovative practice, and also on the Panda Green Energy’s efforts to promote “Belt and Road” green sustainable development.

Zhu Ming, General Director of New Energy Department of National Energy Administration fully recognized the development of Panda Power Plants. He said, "Chinese government fully supports new energy and renewable energy development, and firmly implement green Low-carbon and sustainable development. Taken as the China’s image and name card, Panda Power Plant represents the belief of protecting the world's endangered animals, harmony, peace and smile, as well as the future development of new energy industry. All these ideas are synergized to boost the world's renewable energy industry and environmental protection."

As the chief designer of Panda Power Plant project, Alan Li, CEO of Panda Green Energy, said, “Following the national “Belt and Road” Initiative, Panda Green Energy as the global leading eco-development solutions provider, will bring in continuously clean energy to “Belt and Road” related countries as well as the whole world. Panda Power Plants are outlined overall as butterfly wings, which mean the plants will make the Butterfly Effect and bring on the global green movements.

Panda Green Energy is an important practitioner and pioneer of the national "Belt and Road" Initiative. In September 2016, in response to the national “Belt and Road" Initiative, Panda Green Energy and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reached a strategic cooperation agreement, to build Panda Solar Power Plants along "Belt and Road" countries and areas, and bring in the integrated multi-energy solutions. At the same time, Panda Power Plant has been officially listed in the Action Plan on Jointly Promoting "Belt and Road" Construction, signed by the United Nations and Chinese government at the "Belt and Road" Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing on 14 May 2017.

The event also awarded “Climate Action Youth Leadership” to a Chinese high school students studying in American, Ada Li, who proposed creative concept of Panda Power Plants, to encourage young people’s unremitting efforts and creative spirit in devoting in the green future. Panda Power Plants are designed in accordance with the image of China's national treasure - the Giant Panda. The black part will be composed of monocrystalline silicon solar cells, and the greyish white part will be composed of thin film solar cells and n-type bifacial solar cells. The colors of solar panels are black and white, so that the whole plant is presented as a giant panda by looking down from above. Today, the world's first Panda Power Plant, launched by the Panda Green Energy Group, was officially in operation in Datong on August 10, 2017.

Datong Panda Power Plant is the starting point in Panda Green Energy’s "Panda 100 Plan" global layout. In the future, Panda Green Energy will continue to carry out more overseas exploration and cooperation, promote more Panda Power Plants to take root in “Belt and Road” countries and area. With the Panda Power Plant as the carrier, it will speed up the “Going Out” progress for China's outstanding green productivity and eventually realize the United Nations’ development goal of "Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all".