Panda Green Energy Group Held a Series of Specialized Trainings on Compliance for Directors and Executives

In order to further improve the company's compliance management level, Panda Green Energy Group held a series of specialized trainings on compliance for directors and executives on July 6th. At the training, Bi Ran, partner of Astor Law Firm, was invited to combine the listing rules of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the actual situation of the company, with regard to related transactions, noticeable transactions, directors’ ethics and responsibilities in considering the acquisition or sale of projects, etc. A total of more than 20 people including directors, executives and related business leaders attended the training.


The new management team of Panda Green attaches great importance to compliance management. In the future, it will continue to deepen the awareness of compliance and consolidate development consensus through measures such as specialized training on compliance, improvement of internal control, strengthening of the implementation of compliance and supervision. Improve the risk prevention capability and compliance management level to provide a strong guarantee for the group’s stable development.