BJ ENERGY INTL Attended the Symposium on Carbon-neutral Industrial Integration Project Themed by “Science-based Agriculture, Green Tourism and Smart Energy” in Beijing

On June 9, 2022, Beijing Energy International was invited to attend the Symposium on Carbon-neutral Industrial Integration Project themed by “Science-based Agriculture, Green Tourism and Smart Energy” in Daxingzhuang Township, Pinggu District, Beijing. Wu Yajun, Party Secretary of the Township, and Xiao Tao, head of the Township; Wang Yongliang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and VP of Beijing Energy Holding, He Qishan, Deputy General Manager of the Safety, Sci-Tech and Environmental Protection Department of Beijing Energy Holding; Wang Liuhu, Vice President of Beijing Energy International, Li Xijun, General Manager of BJ Energy Intl’s Integrated Energy Company and other related personnel attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the participants had an in-depth exchange on the carbon-neutral industrial integration project of themed by “Science-based Agriculture, Green Tourism and Smart Energy” and conducted on-the-spot research.

Wu Yajun said that Daxingzhuang Township possesses a beautiful ecological environment and rich resources, and that Beijing Energy International has developed strongly in the past two years, with remarkable achievements. Both sides are highly aligned on the concept regarding developing clean energy with has a broad space for cooperation and he welcomed the company to invest locally. It is hoped that the two sides will take villages as the starting point for cooperation and strengthen the collective economy, build a model of urban and rural leisure economy, maximize their respective advantages, carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation closely around agriculture and new energy, boost the implementation of cooperation projects, drive innovation and growth, and create mutual benefit and win-win results.

Wang Yongliang said that since the restructuring of the company, Beijing Energy International has focused on building a green-oriented, multi-functional and smart clean energy industry ecosystem, with a rapid development momentum. It is hoped that both will give full play to their respective strength in resource, expertise and market advantages, take ecological agriculture as the starting line, build the town into a zero-carbon one, actively explore pathways of integrating agriculture, cultural tourism and energy, build differentiated, characteristic, scientific and technological, high-end demonstration projects with great impact , and foster strong alliance and common development to transform and upgrade local energy structure so as to achieve the national dual carbon goal as soon as possible.