BJ ENERGY INTL Held Business Talks with Sembcorp (China)

      On August 3, 2022, Zhang Ping of Beijing Energy International met with Chen Guanghong, CEO of Sembcorp (China) in Beijing. The two sides had an in-depth exchange on the cooperative development of new energy, the future development direction and management mode of the joint venture company. Li Bing, President of Sembcorp (China), Chu Chenglin, Director of Business Development, and Gu Yu, Deputy Director of Business Development; Zhu Jun, President of Beijing Energy International, Liu Dongsheng, Huang Hui and Jia Geng, Vice Presidents, Zhao Li, Investment Director, Wang Yang, Chief Financial Officer, Li Jian, Head of the Preparatory Group of Hainan Investment Platform and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

      During the meeting, the two sides agreed that Beijing Energy International and Sembcorp (China) are highly aligned on development concept, and they have enjoyed smooth communication and efficient cooperation in the early stage. It is hoped that the mechanism and system construction of the joint venture company will be accelerated, the achievements of existing cooperation projects will be actively promoted, the scope of cooperation will be continuously broadened, and cooperation will be deepened in new energy base projects, energy storage, hydrogen production, new energy industry chain building and other fields, so that we can work together for mutual benefit and win-win results.